Kay with flowers_nWell, I had great fun at the launch of my debut novel, Treasure This. Read more about it and see more picturess on the Treasure This Launch Page.

Kay signing_nIn spite of some nerves, once I started, it all went really well. It was great having friends, family, other writers, and of course my Electrik Inc colleagues there  to support me, too. Here’s Janine (under, on the right) and Jenny.

Kaywith books_n


If I’ve learned anything from this occasion that I  can pass on, it’s that making notes about what to talk about is fine, but once you start talking, it all comes from the heart. So all I had to do was make a short list of the points I wanted to cover, and then leave it to my ‘self’ to say what I felt. That seemed to work well. That, and the most important thing – speak s.l.o.w.l.y. Nerves can make me talk fast, so I just took a deep breath and slowed everything down. And that seemed to work well, too. The main thing was, we had fun!

Kay by wall_n-1 Here I am (under) with my lovely niece Vicki, and sister Trisha. And I haven’t forgotten about the blog I promised on marketing tips. it’s coming!

Kay, Vicki and Trisha_n

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  1. trinitygrau says:

    A murder mystery? Wow! I love mysteries! I’ll have to look out for this. Thanks for posting. It inspires me to finish my own work (laughing)!

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