James Walmesley

Credit: James Walmesley

I have been a journalist and editor for over 25 years. I have sat at countless morning conferences, pitching ideas, laughing at some of the other outrageous offerings (as well as 11 years on The Sunday Times Magazine I spent four years at Cosmopolitan, so you can imagine…) and, as production editor, wondering how on earth we would get it all to press on time without going mad or overdosing on coffee.

Like every other right-minded person in the world, I was sickened by the murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris on 7th January. Writers, artists and policemen who went to work on a Wednesday morning and did not get to go home to their families and loved ones. Writers, artists and policemen slaughtered by fanatics for whom violence is a drug and religion a convenient flag to veil their psychopathic philosophies. But the pen remains mightier than the sword — and the kalashnikov.

Credit: Satish Acharya

Credit: Satish Acharya

I agree with YA author Keren David in her blog, but in the interests of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, here is another viewpoint (most of the Comments under it are more balanced in their views than the author and are interesting to read).

I don’t need to say any more here except that my thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of all those murdered and injured.

Credit: Magnus Shaw

Credit: Magnus Shaw




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