Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even literary fascists. But shame on The Guardian for publishing this pretentious click-bait drivel by Jonathan Jones. It’s bad, lazy journalism and offensive elitism on every level, which would be more at home in The Express or The Mail. What a poor excuse for a supposed critic Jonathon Jones makes when he can’t even be bothered to read Sir Terry Pratchett’s work but is happy to disparage it. What breathtaking arrogance. Jonathan seems to enjoy wallowing in attention-seeking behavior without ever being aware how deeply offensive his snobbery and prejudice is.

And just to be clear — if someone doesn’t like Terry Pratchett, that’s fine. I have no problem with anyone who has read him saying they don’t like his work. We’re all different, after all. But don’t be rude about a writer without reading him or her. And certainly don’t pretend to be a professional reviewer with that kind of appallingly lazy and ignorant attitude.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a phenomenally gifted writer (and, according to a friend of mine who knew him, also great fun and a great man). Jane Austen was gifted, too. So is Cormac McCarthy, and a slew of others. So was Sir Terry Pratchett. One talent does not cancel out another. Only an imbecile, or one steeped in the cesspool of cultural snobbery, as Jonathan Jones is, would believe this.

“Actual literature may be harder to get to grips with than a Discworld novel,” he writes, “but it is more worth the effort.” What excrement. What is “actual” literature, Jonathan? Tortuous syntax? Impeccable insight into human nature? Big vocab?

I’ve often said how disappointing it is that dross surges in the book charts (Fifty Shades of Shit is one such), while beautiful works languish. Mr Jones’ error here (or, one of them), is to mistake popularity with poor writing. Sir Terry Pratchett’s writing is popular because it is so very good. It’s wry, funny, observant, incisive… his imagination off the scale, his talent peerless. He was a first-rate satirist. So when some cultural illiterate with a poker up his bottom says he’s hasn’t read any Terry Pratchett, but delights in criticising him and those who read him, it’s a bit like someone with the IQ of a toilet roll saying, “Well, I’ve never seen a da Vinci painting but so many people like his work, he’s bound to be rubbish.” The only thing that’s rubbish is Jonathan Jones. And I say that having actually READ his turgid prose.

He says “I’m not saying this as a complacent snob…” No, Mr Jones, complacent isn’t the word I’d use for you. But it does begin with a c.

Contemptible… Contemptuous… There are so many….

Kay Leitch
Author of   Treasure This

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