Author Self-Promotion That Works…

Worried you’re wasting precious writing time banging away at the social media drum trying to sell your book? I’ve just read a great author blog by Delilah S Dawson at A traditionally published author who also “plays about with self publishing on the side”, she talks about author promotion that might just work – and what certainly doesn’t. Great advice. I liked the blog that preceded it, too: Please shut up: Why self promotion as an author doesn’t work. Both these blogs are from last year, but good intel doesn’t have a sell-by date.

And no, I don’t know this writer at all. It’s just refreshing to hear some honesty on this subject, instead of the usual message about how we have to promote ourselves by joining the big — and so boring — not-so-merry-go-round of social media. Lots of good information here.

Worth checking out.

Kay Leitch
Author of   Treasure This
Founder member of   Electrik Inc

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