Make Profit Selling Your ebooks

More good news for established authors. Wuthering Ink – – is a new Australian portal, set up by author and writing teacher, Sue Woolfe, along with other authors: Bem Le Hunte, Libby Hathorn and Louise Katz.

Macmillan Publishing Solutions in India built the website, and they take 10% of profits. Woolfe also takes 10%. The rest goes to authors. Woolfe says she hopes to find a way to work with traditional publishers, and has no plans to demand exclusivity. Authors are free to publish and sell their work through any outlet they can.

While Wuthering Ink is for established authors only, rather than independents, it’s still good news. Publishers take a disproportionate amount of profit from ebook sales, leaving them open to accusations of – dare I say it? – greed. Yes, I dare. 🙂  Perhaps if they were less greedy and treated the people who pay their salaries with a bit more respect (without writers there would be no publishing industry. Why don’t they get that?) authors wouldn’t feel the need to use worthwhile portals such as

Anything that gives more power (and profit) to authors is great by me.

Kay Leitch
Author of  Treasure This
Founder of  Electrik Inc

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