We Have The Technology

You’ve written the book. You’ve finished the rewrites, put it all aside for months and then read it over again. You decide it’s not too bad. Good, even. You’ll take a chance. So, you line-edit it, proofread it and send it off…

And it’s rejected. Again.

Yes, it’s disheartening. Yes, you could have built the Great Wall of China waiting for agents or publishers to get back to you. No, you mustn’t give up. (And that’s not just a saying, you know. For most of us, it’s a way of life.)

Jody Sabral, author of I Never Lie, wrote an interesting piece for the BBC Entertainment and Arts recently: E-books. How digital publishers are ‘shaking up’ the industry.

This was an informative read for a few reasons. Not just because of the higher royalties writers can expect from digital publishers (and in an industry where traditional publishers so often shaft authors, this was good to see), or the technology that can tell you if readers finish your book (invaluable). The most important thing for me, and what I think would appeal to many writers, was when Jody Sabral mentioned being able to connect with readers via an app, and getting their comments and feedback live. That would be fantastic – almost like having your own group of Beta readers.

That made me aware of the whole new world that’s opening for writers. The creative world never stays still and, like so many things, the world of books is constantly changing.  That’s good because it means we are all constantly getting the chance to try new things – to reinvent ourselves and our writing, to try another genre or dabble in new technology. Not sure about something you’ve written, or just want to try something different? Put a few chapters up online to gauge reader reaction. There’s a whole new world of writing forums out there and there’s bound to be one you feel comfortable with. Use the technology we have to help you meet other writers, and get where you want to go.

Here are a few forums to whet your appetite.

getunderlined.com   (was figment.com)





critique circle.com

Or just Google Best Creative Writing Forums and see what appeals to you.  As ever, take care and use common sense and courtesy when joining  any forum conversations/threads/discussions. Some sites are very well moderated (Litopia is excellent, professional and friendly), others, not so much.  Find somewhere you feel comfortable. There are so many tools and forums out there to help fiction and non-fiction writers, no matter what genre you prefer, whether you’re aiming for traditional or independent publishing or whether you write for adults, young adults or children, technology can help you.

There are always new opportunities opening up for writers. Consider everything.

Kay Leitch
Treasure This
co-founder of Electrik Inc

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