Litopia, and Rules That Aren’t Rules…

Hi! I’ve found a great site for writers called Litopia, run by publisher Peter Cox and contributed to by industry professionals. There’s loads of information and advice along with the chance to join the weekly Pop-up Submissions where you can send the first 700 words of your ms and have it critiqued in real time. It’s an invaluable resource and means your work is seen by a publisher. Definitely worth a look.

I love that the writers on Litopia often share good blogs or features they’ve found, for every genre and age group. On one of the threads I saw this piece about Writing Rules by Marie Basting, a children’s writer. Her writing is fun and funny and a bit magical (no, I don’t know her). I grinned all the way through her book Princess BMX, which is for kids of 7+. But it’s the rules – okay, guidelines-come-industry truths – Marie mentions that are worth sharing. Especially the one about concept.

I’ve heard time and again that if an idea is good enough you stand a  better chance of being picked up than if, say, your prose is exquisite but the plotting dull. Even if your prose is a bit rough, if the idea (concept) shines brightly enough, someone will notice. That’s not to say you should chance your arm with dodgy punctuation, sloppy grammar and crap spelling – you might as well scrawl Spot The Amateur in big neon letters on the top of your manuscript. But great ideas sell books (who knew?) 🙂 Agents and publishers are always looking for the next big idea. So don’t obsess about minutiae. Get the big picture right.

Just thought I’d pass the links on.

As you were.

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