About Treasure This

My first children’s book, Treasure This, is now available from Mr B’s Emporium, an independent book store in Bath, as well as from Amazon, as print on demand and ebook. Published by BOLDbooks Ltd, Treasure This is a an Electrik Inc book – Electrik Inc is a collective of children’s writers and editors committed to quality and excellence in professional independent publishing.

Treasure This took about two years to write. Here’s what it’s about:



When 12-year-old Addison finds a dead man in her aunt and uncle’s garden shed, she’s sure they couldn’t have killed him. Could they? Super-sleuth Addy is determined to find out. But how can she make Caitlin  (a wannabe Goth) and seven-year-old Leaf (in training for the SAS) believe her when the body disappears? Who are the two thugs watching Roseleigh Manor? And the question that’s really driving her mad – how many more bodies are buried in that garden?

Addy’s investigations take her into the heart of old secrets and new lies, threatening to blow apart her family and everything she loves. Oh, and she’s got that maths exam to worry about, too.

I’m very proud of Treasure This. It’s not the first novel I’ve finished, but it’s the first one I’m publishing with the help of my co-editors at Electrik Inc, who have helped me knock it into shape. I also had a lot of great feedback from the youwriteon.com community, where it got to number one, went into their Best Seller list and won 3rd place in their Children’s Book of the Year Award 2012.

Treasure This is a whodunit for all ages – 10+ to 100. It isn’t your average mystery thriller – it doesn’t follow rules (I don’t like rules). It throws up questions we all meet at on our journey through life, about families, love, actions and consequences, secrets – good and bad – and that grey No Man’s Land in between. Poor Addy has to deal with all that. It’s quite a journey for her. I hope I help her get there in the end.

No doubt you’ll let me know what you think. I’d like to hear your views. Leave a comment here or email me at: kaywriteshere@gmail.com

9 Responses to About Treasure This

  1. Kim Donovan says:

    I’ve seen the proof and it’s looking absolutely fantastic! Well done, Kay.

  2. kayrleitch says:

    Thanks, Kim. Exciting times!

  3. Isobel McEwan says:

    So pleased to see your first book being published and Treasure This coming to life. You so deserve it Kay – very proud of you!
    Isobel x

  4. kayrleitch says:

    Thanks, Isobel! It’s been great seeing it all come together. Kayx

  5. christine branscombe says:

    I think Treasure This is only the beginning of what will be a wonderful future for the world of children’s books. I wish you every success – I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more!

    Christine xx

  6. Rana says:

    Finished Treasure This last night, Kay. Took me some reading to ‘like’ Addie but then woke up at 10 to 4 yesterday morn anxious to know how she was coping! Interesting conclusion. Want to read it with a Primary 7 class and hear how they might have ended it or what they think happens next ….. Really interested in your reference to the Goethe quote. It’s one I often started Aspiring to Lead courses with.
    Love and many best wishes for more successful writings xx

    • kayrleitch says:

      Thanks for this, Rana! Very helpful comments. I’d love to hear what your Primary 7 class thinks about it all. I deliberately didn’t want to write black and white characters, but that interesting shade in between. 🙂 Re the Goethe quote, when I put it on my blog I thought I’d better double check it was, in fact, from him. Very interesting to find out it probably wasn’t. Here’s just one of the sites I got decent information from: http://www.goethesociety.org/pages/quotescom.html Still, whatever they say, it remains a lovely quote and one of my favourites. Thanks again. All the very best, Kay xx

  7. Coral Turner says:

    A page turner! I loved every minute of reading Treasure This, the excitement and build up had me at the edge of my seat, it had me trying to think up ways to help them out!!! Whilst it may say its for children, we adults can still take a worthwhile trip down memory lane; remembering our inner child, the mystery, and intrigue of a really good book is summed up beautifully with Treasure This. I am looking forward to your next book with anticipation. Well done Kay its wonderful.

    • kayrleitch says:

      Thank you, Coral, for your kind comments. I’m delighted you enjoyed Treasure This so much! I’m working on the next one… well, actually, I’m working on the next two, so it might be a while before they’re published! But it’s appreciation like yours that makes it fun to keep writing. Thank you! All the best, Kay

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