Reading Group Guide

Here are some questions you might like to consider if you’re part of a reading group discussing Treasure This:

 There are a few themes that become apparent by the middle of the book. One is the power of secrets (good and bad). What others did you notice?

2  What do you think of Harry?

3  Have you spotted the clues about where Tony Bilotti is buried?

4  I made the decision that Harry and Aunt Ellie should get away at the end. What do you think – should they have been punished?

5  If so, how would you have punished them?

6  There are lots of ways Treasure This could have ended. If you can think of a different ending, I’d love to read it. Send it to me at: and I’ll post it up on this blog, or go to the Write Your Own Treasure This Ending page and leave  your ending as a comment.

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