Kaywith books_nWe had a great time at the launch of Treasure This, my debut novel, on 16th October. Friends, family and other writers joined me in celebration at The Victoria Pub and Kitchen in Bath. Becky, the manager, had done us proud, setting everything out beautifully, with wine and soft drinks ready for the guests. The room was lovely, too –  the large gilt mirror on the wall reflected smiling faces and raised glasses.

In spite of feeling nervous, I gave a reading from Treasure This – left everyone on a cliff-hanger 🙂  – chatted about the joy of being part of Electrik Inc and working with three other professionals to produce quality children’s books, then a few words about independent publishing in general (the freedom, the control, the great stories to come). And then we had a hunt-the-body competition, before I signed copies of the book.

Kay with Sasha_nDue to the laws of the country, I couldn’t possibly hide a REAL dead body in our room 😀 but I’d hidden tiny plastic bodies around it – one by the radiator, one behind a glass and the other under a vase. Only one had some red on its head  (not real blood, of course – just ink!) and the finder received a book voucher for Mr B’s Book Emporium in Bath. That was all a bit of good fun and the evening ended in laughter and lots of book signing (this is me with Sasha, on the right).

JenKayKim_nAnd of course JaninecropjpgJanine, Jenny and Kim from Electrik Inc were there to celebrate with me.  Here’s Jenny  Landor (left), me and Kim Donovan together, and Janine Amos below right, all looking happy at our achievement. Now on to the next one …

And the next one will be … ah, but you’ll just have to keep checking our blog  to see what comes next! I can promise, it’ll be worth waiting for.

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